I need some!!! I joined a gym w/ the bf the other day, and i plan on sweatin’ my butt off…and thighs, and arms, and hopefully tummy!! But i need me some jams!! Here is a list of songs that i have complied thus far:

  1. Diva- Beyonce
  2. Poker Face- Lady Ga Ga
  3. bombs over baghadad- Outkast
  4. Black Betty- Ram Jam
  5. walk- Pantera
  7. Hot n’ cold- Katy Perry
  8. When I grow up- PCD
  9. Don’t cha- PCD
  10.  4 minutes- Madonna
  11.  damaged- Danity Kane
  12.  Mercy- Duffy
  13. Rehab- Amy winehouse
  16.  Paper Planes – MIA
  17.  Gives you hell – All American Rejects
  18. Heartless- Kanye west
  19.  So what- Pink
  20.  Sabotage- Beastie Boys
  21. No sleep till Brooklyn- Beastie Boys
  22. Hips don’t lie- Shikara
  23.  ALL JT

So… any suggestions would surely help me shake it off!!


Chapter 2: Car

February 23, 2009

Cool Vanilla Clearcoa 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited (Car/Truck)


So I’m going to be a crazy blogster and blog 2 times in 1 day!! NUTS!! This is the car I almost have my heart set on. A cool vanilla Pt Cruiser. I started a savings acct b/c the worthless mechanics i take my beautiful slice of life to gave me the prognosis a week ago… she has car cancer, it’s spreading, and it’s spreading fast! They gave her 6 months to a year TOPS to live! Oh the horror. As much as one may say my car sucks, i do love my stratus. But I’m ready to move on, put her out of her misery!

Here is the car I really want, but obviously can not afford, maybe someday 🙂 THE JEEP PATRIOT!!

Jeep Green 2009 Jeep Patriot Sport  (Car/Truck)


Hey… i gotta get something i can fit my man in!!

I have finally graduated from school!! Beauty school may only be 1 year long, but it was one tough year!

This past week has been a rollercoaster of emotions.. I graduated, My beloved grand pappy turned 77, my brother came home (was in Iraq for 16 months!) and my boyfriend’s grandfather passed away. I rekindled some friendships, and finally extinguished the ones no longer burning.

P.s. this blog is dedicated to Crystal, who without pestering me for the last week this would not have happened.